Flight Simulators and windows 10

May 2, 2019
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I have never been very happy with windows 10(version 1511) and my flight simulators, they never seemed to work as well as when I had XP in my previous computer but recently having checked I had the latest driver according to MS I uninstalled FSx because it was so erratic and tried to re install.
I cannot even get the install wizard to complete it shuts down each time. The AV and Firewall were turned off while attempting the install as I knew these can upset installation.

I also had FS 9 installed but could not get that to run at all, and to uninstall both completely i had to use Wise Program installer as the normal uninstalls left the entries still in the control panel and in File explorer.

I did look for the compatibility option for FS x but there wasn't one !

Having read most of the comments on various forums I am completely confuse as to what I should try next, and certainly some of the high tech instructions can only be done by real experts in games and or computing, but I am very surprised and disappointed that the much proclaimed Windows 10 being the ultimate in O S should be so lacking in supporting a Microsoft product.

Has anybody a magic wand they could loan to me please.?
Oct 26, 2016
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Windows 10 version 1511 had reached end of service on October 10, 2017. It was named the November Update of
Windows 10 1507 (the initial version). The last CU that WU provided was KB4052232 and the final build # was 10586.1177 .

No support after that time whatsoever. However it still will run unsupported...

I have the Flightsim 2004 as well as the next Version and it does not run on Windows 10
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