Has anyone Ever been able to get through to Comcast Xfinity support billing, Anything?

Oct 7, 2015
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I've wanted to set up Comcast as auto-pay for months.
About this time every month I try again.

I've never been able to get through to them, it always says "Something Went Wrong" try later.
I finally posted "Why can't I get through to Comcast".

What I found was endless messages about people not able to connect to Comcast Support in any way, online on the phone, etc.

I scrolled down a message on their forum for a zillion messages without an answer until I got to a message that says this message has been closed, if you are still having issues click Here.

You guessed it I clicked on it and it when to a page that couldn't connect.
I can log into my account but from there I can't get to any kind of support.


This is funny the spell checker just suggested and I replace the word page, with bellboy!
And now it wants my to capitalize the word, word!


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