Help with Firefox even though this is Window10

Aug 5, 2023
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I've been trying to get help with Firefox but no luck. After 3 weeks, I thought I'd try elsewhere, keeping my fingers crossed to get help.

Here is the problem

Even though I have "show tab previews in the windows' taskbar" (see screenshot #1) disabled,


I still get every website tab showing on my taskbar (see screen shot #2)

What I'm trying to achieve when I open a website that it shows a single tab on the taskbar but when I open another site it replaces that tab. If this is not possible, I don't want any website tabs to show on the taskbar. I still want tabs to show at the top of the browser (Firefox).

Sorry if I did not use the right terms above in trying to explain the situation.

I'm using windows 10
Oct 26, 2016
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Maybe this will help: Open settings and go to "personalization"
scroll down to "Taskbar"
scroll down to "Combine taskbar buttons" and select "Always, hide labels"

If this does not help, it must be a firefox thing (which I do not use - Chrome does not do it like that)

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