Hidden files remain hidden

Oct 28, 2020
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I am very familiar with attributes and hidden files. I have all my settings set to always show hidden files. (They appear greyed out in File Explorer.)

Today I was transferring files from an old (Windows 7) computer using a USB transfer cable setup. The transfer software shows a bunch of jpgs in the music folder, but File Explorer does not show them at all. When I transfer to my PC, it transfers the hidden files, but they do not show up in File Explorer on the new PC either. In the transfer software (PCLinq5, if that matters), I right-clicked one of the hidden files and changed attribute by unchecking Hidden. Now it shows up in File Explorer. But the rest are still hidden. I tried unchecking and re-checking Hidden Items, but that didn't change anything.

Edit: I see that the files are also designated as System files (which they are not, they are jpgs in My Music). I did uncheck the Hide System Files option in Control Panel, but it still does not show them. I went into the Attributes in the transfer program and changed another by just unchecking the System box. Now it shows in File Explorer, but greyed out, because I left Hidden checked.

How are these files remaining hidden and how do I unhide them?

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