Hide or turn off items in left pane of windows file

Feb 28, 2016
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I read the post by barryjo [removing items listed in left pane of windows file] which was answered by davehc a Microsoft MVP, but my issue is somewhat different.
I use a tree view in the left pane of windows 10, with icons on right pane. The left pane shows 2 of the same item [Hitachi storage (I)] that when both are expanded takes up a lot of space where one has to scroll a lot. Why is this? Can one of these be elimated? There is also a 'Quick Access & One Drive in the left pane; can these be elimated or hidden also. It would make a cleaner less complicated view in that left pane.
tree view7 February 28, 2016.jpg
tree view4 February 28, 2016.jpg


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