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Jul 31, 2019
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So, I decided to change my product key to upgrade to Pro from Home that came with the new lappy now that I got it dialed tight. Input my valid Win7 Ultimate key from old laptop and let the updating begin. Went really fast, but alas, windows activation was now 'not activated'. Tried the legal key again, rebooted several times, nada. Yes, my butt was puckering for a bit.

Then I input the generic key to get me to the M$ store directly (you can find it on the interwebs, it is legal for accessing the store), and immediately it digitally activated. Butt unpuckered...why it didn't work with the valid key is a mystery even though the valid key obviously allowed the upgrade...

When it updated to Pro it removed the Home version laptop from stored devices at the Store, so it would not activate. Once tied back to the store, bing bang boom it reappeared. This could be a step some with less experience could trip on...

This was actually easier/faster than the phone call to M$ for Win7 re-activation after a major hardware change.

Whatever. Impressed for once with 10...
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Feb 3, 2017
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There’s a bug with upgrading from Home to Pro where it’s giving users the Enterprise version, the solution as you found is to enter the generic Pro key.
This is what probably happened when you upgraded.

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