Installing WIN 10 PRO on WIN 10 Home machine...Can it be done?

May 3, 2018
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I've ran into a slight change-over matter with Windows 10 OS. I have a HP Pavilion p6750f desktop that had Windows 7 Home. I couldn't get Windows 10 Pro to install on the PC, as Microsoft wouldn't activate it. Microsoft says I need to buy a license.
So, I tried another way. I installed Windows 10 Home OS on the original standard hard drive, and all went well as it taken about two hours to get it upgraded.

So, here's my plan. I have a Windows 10 Pro OS disc that has a license (Product key) that I will try to install over the Windows 10 Home OS. NOTE: Can it be done?
Then, I will install a new 1tb SSD III SATA hard drive and transfer the Windows 10 Pro to the SSD. Am I on the right track here is getting this ungraded?

BTW: I already have a HP desktop with Windows 10 Home OS. I don't need two PCs with 10 Home.


Jun 11, 2019
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Has the WIn10pro license been activated on a different PC? if so, there might some issues transferring over depending on the kind of license you have?

You should be able to just put the Win10pro license key into the already installed Win10Home and it will upgrade. Once activated the key is linked to the bios. If you reinstall windows after that on to a different drive, but, on the same computer you should be fine.

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