Homegroup and sharing files to Samsung TV

May 29, 2016
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Hi all , new to this forum and looking for help.
I am not terribly PC literate ,but willing to learn.
I have recently updated my PC from windows 8 to widows 10 and we have just purchased a Samsung SUHD LCD 65" TV.
I have set up a home group and can see the TV and a set top box on the PC under homegroups networks and devices.
Both the TV and the PC are on LAN cable connection plus a set top box.
I cannot see see the PC on the TV's list of available connections , I can see the set top box that is also on the network on the TV and I can access this only.
I believe that this is a setting in windows 10 not letting the TV see the PC , however I cannot seem to be able to find any information about this on the net or generally????

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