How can I prevent unwanted remote access to my computers and android devices?

Jul 6, 2018
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I have two networks and a domain that I did not create. I am unable to create new network, and I recently learned that Im part of several groups. I don't have any need of a group or domain. Nor do I every really need to access anything remotely. Everything I research or view is regulated. What I mean is I don't really control any of my devices, I don't know a lot about software, Im still learning, but I have much to learn. I do research and try different things, via command line, control console, even my registry. sometimes it seems like Ive made some type of progress, taken a small bit of control back, but whatever type of ware I'm dealing with simple takes steps to ensure that I cant do that anymore. This started around early February, I formatted, I've wiped drives with diskpart, D-ban, every option there is in D-ban, I've replaced hard drives, five or six times. I have five hard drives right now with write protection that I can't get off with anything. I've installed windows 7 and 10 so many times, it actually got to a point where it was kind of funny, its just not funny anymore. the only reason I always reinstall is basically to reset setting and permissions. I cant get any meaning full windows updates, so slowly sometimes quickly windows is corrupted, and really just does nothing. I've posted similar post on many different forums, I've never gotten any worth while responses. Some people don't believe me, so maybe that's it. I've tried contacting google, Microsoft, I allowed a tech from mcafee to access remotely once, they allowed me to pay them a couple hundred dollars to do not much, Whatever they did it worked for about four days. I have all kinds of files I've saved on a thumb drive that don't seem at all right to me, but like I said, I don't know much some of them could be exactly what there supposed to be. I feel like I never do a very good job explaining this, but if anyone has any advice It would be greatly appritiated. even a nudge in the right direction. Ive tried Gmer, frst, root repeal, windows registry repair, and many many more. these I mention, because they all worked a couple times and then never again, I uninstalled and reinstalled. I guess whatever learned exploits to prevent them functioning correctly.
Thank you for your time sorry for the length of this, and my many spelling and punctuation errors. Also I apologize for any forum faux paws I may have inadvertently made.


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