How do I not wipe windows store game scores when using CCleaner with the CCEnhancer plugin ?

Dec 26, 2022
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When using CCleaner with CCEnhancer cleaning tools to clean up the system drive the windows store game scores are always wiped and the games are thus reset to initial install status i.e. all scores accumulated are lost. Does anyone know how to set CCleaner so that junk is removed but windows store game scores are kept ? I have tried enabling / disabling settings that sound like they are related to what I want to achieve but have not yet found the right setup and a search on Google does not find the answer nor does a CCleaner and CCEnhancer site search, disappointing. The machine is a family members machine and is becoming a headache as no matter what I try the answer evades, games used are Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Microsoft MahJong, Bingo at Home, Gin Rummy DeLuxe and a few other similar games.
Many many thanks in advance.

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