How to format & initialize a Lacie 1TB GPT external drive with Win 10 to make it a proper exFAT one?

Nov 15, 2015
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Hello everyone,

A friend recently gave me a black (no useful further type or specs to be found on the outside) Lacie 1TB? He told me that his Macbook/laptop (running Yosemite) stopped recognizing this drive.

When I plug it in on my laptop (Lenovo Ideapad Z710 64bit 16GB ram running Windows 10 Home) the file explorer doesn't recognizes it either. However via Disk Management my laptop says the drive is there & plugged in and get the following limited info stating "Healthy (GPT Protective Partition)" (I never bumped into a GPT drive before) and the section before states "Disk3 931,51 GB online".
When I right click to get the menu all available functions are in light grey and I can't execute any of them (except Help).

Please advise me how to get this drive manageable again and what I have to do to make it a fully functioning exFAT drive? Do I need to obtain any specific software to get this done? I'm also poorly skilled in using the Command Prompt so please explain it step by step if possible.
Is it true that an exFAT drive can be read by and written onto both Win & Mac? Or is this a myth?

I did read up on the topic but the different explanations & solutions only confuse me more.

Thank you in advance.


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