How to reset all permissions to default?

Jul 27, 2021
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I couldn't find this anywhere and I really need help about this.

Long story short, I thought RESTRICTED PACKAGES, ALL PACKAGES and TrustedInstaller were viruses so I removed their permissions from wherever I could but it turned out to be Windows 10's feature and the permissions are now messed up, even after a FACTORY RESET. Microsoft apps doesn't work, and the system doesn't feel solid.

I really want to reset every single permission back to default as it was before. Can somebody help?


Nov 19, 2013
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No way to do it, as far as I am aware. Your only option is a fresh install.
Came back to add:

You can read this very good advice many times on this and other forums. My I suggest you download a copy of Macrium and , regularly, t least weekly, make an image of your computer contents. It is so easy to use, takes about 5 to 10 minutes, and returns an exact copy of what you had before it went pear shaped.

After you have installed, use there option to make a bootable USB or DVD.
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