How to reset the proper permissions on the Windows 10 system folders.

May 18, 2020
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Hello to everyone,

for disk space needs I have copied the "file and folders" folders on another disk while I was running Linux. When I have logged in Windows 10 again,I have encountered various problems. Infact as soon as Windows starts I don't see all the services that it started before to move the file and folders and I'm not able anymore to open images because it says that there are permission problems. So,I want to restore / reset all the permissions in the proper way. I tried with this command,going inside the "file and folders" folders and on C:\


this is what happens :


what to so is written in this site :

How to reset NTFS permissions with ICACLS | The Solving

this is not the solution,because after giving that command I saw that the problems are still there. What can I do ? thanks.


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Nov 19, 2013
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This may help

BUT, be sure to read the portion on
By default, almost all system files, system folders and even Registry keys in Windows 10 are owned by a special built-in user account called "TrustedInstaller". Other user accounts are set to only read the files.
Since you are talking about the Windows System folder you may find it necessary to not only take ownership but also grant yourself Explicit Full Control before the command would work as expected
It'd probably be a good idea to return that change of ownership and permission to their respective previous state if needed, assuming the command doesn't do it as part of the overall process.

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