Laptop not working, black screen, can’t reset!

Jun 20, 2021
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Hi, I’ve been having some trouble since I tried to wipe my laptop to sell it earlier last year. I don’t recall exactly what I did to try and wipe it but since then I can only login to the laptop then be greeted with a black screen and a cursor & my attempts to fix it seem to have only made it worse

Here’s what I’ve done so far (not in this order):
Tried SCF scan (didnt work)
Tried renagentc disable / reenable (says I didn’t have it anyway)
Tried the system config (pathway couldn’t be found)
Won’t reset because it runs into a problem and stops
Startup settings to go into safe mode redirected it to auto repairs, which also didn’t work
When I made it go into safe mode through the command prompt, it goes into a loop of black screen, logo, black screen

*edit, also told me I don’t have any restore points, can’t go back to a previous build and no start up images I could try either

I’m a computer newbie so I just tried everything YouTube and google could tell me hah

I’m at a loss if I can fix it on my own, i don’t have any CD/USB’s that might help me :’) I just want to wipe the thing and start over so I can sell it for anything aside parts at this point, all files were already backed up & I’ve got nothing to lose hah

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