How to simplify folder and file structure for Single Person laptop use

Feb 3, 2021
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I am sick and tired of all the built in automatic nonsense in W10 multiplying the locations and ways to pick up my own files, saving my files and creating backups, but done in MY WAY, so that I know where things are without multiple copies all over the place.
I do not really need things to show up on the Desktop and get copied to OneDrive and sorted for me into documents, pictures, downloads and put into libraries etc. Without fighting the pre-set system (by not modifying it), how can I create my own file-tree system where I decide where to store, archive and back-up my stuff, also so that if I delete anything, it happens where I intend to delete it and not create some chain reaction elsewhere that I don't understand or expect.
As far as at all possible, I want KISS, without changing the system, but just use it in a way as similar as possible to good old historical W7-time. I am not holding my breath, but still hoping that there is a good solution. I cannot be the only one being annoyed by having a hopelessly rigid system being forced on me.


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