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Feb 24, 2019
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I deep scanned my external hard drive after i did a format by mistake. It took 17 hours because i had 1Tb of data on it.
After the scanning finished i realized i have to recover files by folder so it would be easier to reorganize them, so i sorted the files by clicking on the "Path" tab and i recovered the first folder on another external hard drive. After recovery has finished the Recuva window was in the taskbar and did not opened until i went to task manager, right clicked Recuva and selected the "Bring to front" option.
Now the problem is that Recuva window looks inactive because the titlebar is grey and everywhere i click on the window it plays the default "Asterisk" Windows sound and nothing happens. It looks like there's another pop-up window of Recuva that doesn't shows. I tryied to find another windows of Recuva wit Win+Tab and Alt+Tab keys but the only window i see is the one with the search results.
In Task manager in Analyze wait chain it says that recuva64.exe is running normally.
Is there a way to fix this so i don't have to rescan and wait another 17 hours again?


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