Install a dedicated GPU with Ryzen APU

Apr 22, 2017
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Hi all,

according to the forum on the AMD website, It isn't possible, it is if you follow the next few tips. ( )

1: Make sure your BIOS are up to date by checking on your motherboards main site and search for your mobo and download the latest BIOS software and run it. (Details are available on each site!). Also, download the respective driver package for your hardware before you follow the next steps. Nvidia: AMD:

2: Once you have done #1 and are satisfied that your BIOS is up-to-date and everything is running fine, now go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Display adaptors > Uninstall device (right click) your GPU and remove the drivers for that device, now get your new GPU ready and shut down your PC. Now that the PC is shut down, remove the power cable and press the power button to exhaust any remaining power that is still in the capacitors. Remove the CMOS battery and wait for about/at least 15 minutes and once done, place your new GPU in the PCI-E slot and then replace the CMOS battery.

3: Restart your PC and you should get a message that the settings have changed and you should press F1/F2/Del or whichever button takes you in to BIOS, look for your graphics card settings and make sure that it is set to run from PCI-E and NOT IGPU (this varies from board to board, mine states "NB configuration").

4: Save any changes made and reboot your PC, please remember that any changes you made to your BIOS settings are gone and if you did any overclocking you will need to redo it!.

5: Very important!. Make sure you connect the monitor cable to the new GPU and that it is not connected to the integrated IGPU!.

This was done with a Ryzen 3400G APU and an Nvidia GPU (changing that soon to an AMD RX 570).

I hope it helps. :):):)
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