[Issue] Screen will not redraw on double-buffered windows

Aug 2, 2015
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Okay so this is the problem i've been having since i upgraded to windows 10, without anything similar to it happening when on windows 8.1.
The second part of it (about being related to double-buffering) is my speculation but is based on some things i tried.

Okay so.

The problem:
Whenever something changes within the window, it may or may not refresh itself properly. For example, closing a tab in Chrome can leave the contents of the tab present on the screen visually, despite the tab already been closed. Going from debug layout to code layout in visual studio re-arranges the windows, but the windows that are no longer there still appear. Some new windows may be completely empty until i mouse over it to discover it has some textboxes and labels in it.

The workaround:
Alt-tabbing, resizing, repositioning the window usually helps. Anything that forces a screen redraw helps. Calling Win32API function RedrawWindow helps.

Some discoveries:
Not all windows and programs are affected by this. Skype seems to not have any issues until a call is made with video. The video will have the redraw issues in the main skype window but the one in the smaller, detachable window does not have any problems. Built-in windows applications like File Explorer, etc do not have this issue.

While experimenting with RedrawWindow function, i found out that this issue never happens on windows that have double buffering disabled.

My specs:
Radeon R9 270
i5 4460
16 gb RAM
Win10 - 64 bit

All drivers and DirectX are up to date


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