It's Better Than Nothing!....Windows 7 this is.

May 3, 2018
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My 2013 HP p6750f desktop with Windows 7 Home was upgraded to Windows 10 Home when it was free. This past month I wanted to move from the HHD to a SSD. No matter what or how I tried, (and I tried every which way) it wouldn't migrate to the new SSD. The error message code OXc800000f said I needed to repair my computer. And I tried that to no avail. So, to get things in order, I removed the SATA cables from the 1TB old HHD with Windows 10 Home on it and transferred the cables to the new SSD and used my original Windows 7 Home discs to download on the SSD. All went well and now I have Windows 7 on a new SSD, the computer is now downloading and installing some 213 updates.

I'm going to stay with Windows 7 till Microsoft says otherwise. I have a feeling that Microsoft may (hope) they will give another free Windows 10 upgrade or whatever to us remaining Windows 10 lovers. Although, I have a Windows 10 Home and Pro disc(s) with the Keys to upgrade. But, I will take my chances on a "free" upgrade coming in December or abouts.


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