KB5000802 (OS Builds 19042.867) Recovery Disk won't run, Calculator.exe fails. SFC says all is well.

Mar 10, 2021
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After updating to

KB5000802 (OS Builds 19042.867)​

I have been fighting with Windows for a week with sfc corruption problems that it could not fix. I was at a point trying to patch the system when it finally failed completely and said my version of Windows was not Activated, so I recovered from a backup and decided to re-installed Windows 10 x64 from a version-install-esd-19041.631. I was pleasantly surprised when my options were to keep my files and programs, it took all night to finish.

The system is backup, SFC said it found and fixed corruptions. I made another backup.

I ran the update KB50000802 and all is fine. I tried to create a new Recovery Disk under this new version 19042.867 and it says it can't run.
I tried to run Calculator.exe and t says I need a new app to run the executable.

Every web search says to run sfc /scannow. I ran sfc /verifyonly first to check the library store and it came back ok. Then, I ran sfc /scannow twice and both times it came back OK.

SO every webpage says it's corruption , but I can't find any so there is no need to DISM this pig.

Should I monkey around and uninstall KB50000802?

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