Unable to enable Preview Builds plus two other annoyancies

Aug 12, 2015
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I'm an Insider and when Microsoft first offered users to upgrade their PCs to the first build of Windows 10, I signed up and installed the build. Up til a few days ago, I had no issues save for a mysterious condition in which my PC failed to wake from sleep or fully reboot, explained more later. I decided to do a reset and the first time my PC rebooted, it didn't complete so I had to manually power cycle the PC; this happened a few times. Eventually my PC displayed a Welcome page (where you setup the PC before actually using it). The problem was that my mouse (wireless) and keyboard (wired) weren't usable. So I got out my USB stick and did a restore but of course I accidentally picked "Format" so it erased the drive.

1. The inability to use my keyboard/mouse after a reset is annoying and Microsoft can't help.
2. Why my PC will not reboot/wake up all the time is also annoying.
3. I'm no longer able to enable Preview Builds.

Things I've tried:
- Verifying the registry (see attachment)
- Verify the service Background Intelligent Transfer is running
- Windows Update is set to Automatic but after a reboot, it's never started.

Any useful help is appreciated.


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