Keeping Spam out of Outlook

Jan 19, 2017
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I'm using an EarthLink email account on a newish Windows 10 64-bit computer. On my old computer I had Live Mail but now I seem to be forced into using Outlook which I do not like. But, whatever....

On my old computer I would first open webmail on EarthLink's site, delete unwanted messages/spam, and answer anything that was on fire. I then would click on Live Mail, and only those messages that survived my webmail editing would begin to appear.

Now everything appears on Outlook at or near the same time it is received by EarthLink -- and I have to go through the editing/deleting process all over again.

Where and/or how do I set things up so that email does not transfer from EarthLink webmail to Outlook until I click on the latter's icon?

And if anyone knows how to set up Live Mail on a new Windows 10 computer, please share.


Oct 26, 2016
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How did you setup your email account?? as POP3 or as IMAP??
BTW: Earthlink has the worst Spam filter there is in the world (we have earthlink at work - now its called centurylink). practically non existent.
If it eases you a little, Mozilla Thunderbird has the same issues. It is not your email program, the problem is earthlink's misconfigured mail server. Nothing you can do on your end....

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