Loosing Everything Please Help Something Bad happened ?????

Nov 24, 2022
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Please help I can not afford to loose all my data for a stupid mistake.. I placed a HD from another tower into my primary computer because of problems with the secondary computer, power supply failed. The primary computer renamed that HD as F: and now it will not boot in the secondary or primary computer. I have tried countless ways to correct the problem without any luck. I've tried Bootrec/fixmbr, Bootrec/fixboot, Bootrec/rebuildbcd, also ran chkdsk X:/f/r/x as well as a few other possible fixes without any luck. I need to have my secondary computer working as a backup for all my important information.

If someone here can help get this HD named back to C: and boot from my secondary computer again I would be mighty grateful.
The secondary drive had a greater capacity than the original drive in my primary computer so I assume that was the reason the drive was renamed but I have no way of knowing why it was renamed. Both drives have win10 installed and up to date.

Thanks for any help you provide to help solve this problem.


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