MAIL Password Question

Dec 4, 2017
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I have two computers; a MAC and a W10 pc.
The W10 pc conked out after a power glitch, but have re-installed Windows on it, and it is working.

Can't get the Widows default MAIL App to work, or even a brand new install of Thunderbird.

Both are asking for a Password.
In my 80's now, and honestly don't remember what I used.
None of the ones I did mark down seem to work.

The Mac eMail works.

I use Comcast.

Question, please: The W10 MAIL app is suggesting I re-do the Password, and select a new one.

**Am terrified, literally, that this may mess up the Mac's mail which is fine.

a. Would selecting a new Password in the W10 pc also require changing it on the Mac ?

b. Are they "totally" independent passwords, or they both would use/require the same (new) one ?

If anyone could clarify this a bit for me, would be appreciative.


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