Mail problem (Error The snip could not be sent in snippingtool)

Apr 29, 2019
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i have followed pretty much any tutorial that google could throw at me to try and fix this. however i personally discovered that the reason for this error might be because of permission issues. i checked the registry and obviously put my email application (group wise) as the default mail application. i cannot find anything wrong with the configuration. i found out about it maybe being a permission problem since it works in the default administrator account. however the user account has all the read permissions it needs from what i can see. something i should also mention is most computers in my network have this issue and the one pc that doesn't is one upgraded to the latest version of windows so this is most likely a bug in 1803 but the chances of this update fixing the issue on all computers completely seems small in my mind. there is ofcourse also the issue of applications defaulting to the windows mail app which we do not use. i tried searching for a registry entry that is able to add groupwise mail client to the share list but couldn't find a way to actually do it. for example if we use the new snipping tool called snip and sketch it has this share button which is on a lot of other windows apps too. like in photo's you can "share" with 3 deafult options 1 of which is the mail app that we do not use. i would like to switch that app out with groupwise client.


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