Problems with Firefox? WLMail? Plain Windows?

Dec 9, 2015
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[Dell desktop; Win10 Premium (64); Firefox; WLMail2012(horrible!); I prefer old “Photo Gallery” but Edge Photo App took over]

Hello, I’ve been having a number of small(?) problems and can’t tell whether caused by Firefox, WLMail2012, or just plain Windows so that I’d know where to post properly. Could someone help me?

1. “Restore Previous Session” disappeared from my Firefox home page and I tried finding it with the help of some kind souls but no luck. But now I got even more irritating problems:

2. When I clicked on Firefox to use the search, I had to click several times until it opened. This also occurred when I clicked on WLMail.

3. But now when I click on FF, it keeps showing other files I had worked on before. I repeatedly tried to close them by clicking on the upper right corner red X, by the individual files right above the taskbar, by right clicking to Close...but the files keep coming, even after an all night shut off! The only way I can use the Search is by Opening in a new window.

4. I believe this coincided with MS Edge taking over my computer (yes, I downloaded it but after using it I saw I disliked their style). It first changed my taskbar, then the Startup, and then the pictures. I don’t know how to turn it as it was just before the above problems, not necessarily to revert to Win7. For instance I dislike Photo App, so I don’t know how, but was able to change it into the old “Photo Gallery”...and again, Edge took it over! Of course while I was enjoying the “Photo Gallery”, Edge’s Photo App was still lurking in my computer.....Would anyone know what I can do?

5. When I close one email file, instead of coming back to the next file, it goes back to the startup so I must start from zero again!!!

6. Three or more files with the same name in the Draft and even in one Folder cannot be moved or copied at all. My mouse hardly touch them and instantly a popup says “WLMail is closing, and restarting your computer” and many times it deletes them. (Ironically, these files had computer tech info which i saved in different places, and now ALL of them get deleted instantly!) :(

Thanks ever so much for any ideas!

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