Microsoft apps crashing on startup

Apr 28, 2022
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Whenever I try to launch Xbox app, Microsoft store or even Nvidia control panel, it crashes on startup
What I was dealing with was that I had this issue in this Xbox app which required me to change my default safe location in Windows settings. When I did that it resolved in an error, which I fixed and probably did some unnecesarry stuff which lead to these current issues. Let me describe what I did for the safe location error which is most probably the reason why these apps aren't working now. I tried deleting the WindowsApps folder on C: (my system drive), deleted most files there, some were left there since Windows kept saying that the files are opened by some program - this made the search icon and nvidia control panel icon dissapear from the Windows bar. Then I went to temp data folder and deleted all the files there. fixed the safe location issue however can't open these apps now.
Official Microsoft support suggests to update Windows (did that without result) or fix this trough Microsoft Store -(can't open that one since it crashes on startup).
Any help greatly appreciated.


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