Windows 10 Glitch (Start Menu Apps & Microsoft Edge)

Aug 5, 2015
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Last week on 7/30/2015, I installed Windows 10 on my 2009 HP Pavilion Elite HPE-410-yc desktop PC, which originally had Windows 7 Home Premium installed on it after I originally purchased it at BEST BUY.

My desktop PC worked fine with Windows 10 on it until I after I started my day and turned on around 8 am this morning (8/5/2015) after I turned off and on my PC several times, I was finally able to log into my Windows 10 account, then after I waited for 60 seconds, I opened up my Microsoft Edge internet browser and I tried going to a random website, then after I opened two webpages and tried to login to WATCH Xfinity, my desktop froze, but my mouse/cursor still moved on my computer screen.

I signed out, shut down and turned my desktop PC again after I ate my lunch (1:15PM) and I signed into my Win 10 account and attempted to use Microsoft Edge internet browser a third time, and my desktop froze, excluding my mouse/cursor.

After that, I took a 2 hour nap hoping that my computer would fix itself by the time I woke up again ---- unfortunately it didn't.

Afterwards, I turned off and on my desktop PC and this time I let it do a Disk Check, however (I thought) that my PC was taking too long to finish the Disk Check, because the DSCHK screen was stuck on 60 percent for about 25 minutes.

Furthermore, after I waited 25 minutes I turned off my desktop PC, then I came on here to and I posted this LONG technical issues complaint to the forums here on

Additionally, from June 23, 2015 through August 1, 2015 I had to do a System Restore on my PC eleven times, because it was jacked up electronically.

Since last November 2014, whenever I used Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on my 2009 HP Pavilion Elite HPE-410y desktop PC, I received annoying error messages such as: "This webpage is not available", This webpage has a redirect loop" and "This webpage has too many redirects" which I know are all lying error messages, because every time one of those came on my Chrome or Firefox web browsers the WiFi symbol at the bottom right-hand of my computer screen read that my WiFi was still working.

Also, I called HP two times over the last three weeks and I told them my technical issues, model number, etc. and the customer service representatives that I spoke to claimed that neither one of them could fix my desktop PC electronically on their ends, because HP only provides technical support on desktop PCs that are less than three years old, which I thought was BS.

Finally, I will greatly appreciate it if any one here on the Win 10 Forums website can help me resolve my technical issues, so I will not have to get my desktop PC fixed at BEST BUY, because I live on my computer, and if I didn't have it too use every day I will/would become bored.

My Question is/are:

What the frack is wrong with my computer and how do i make it work correctly again?!?!

(annoyed, angry, frustrated face)


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