SOLVED Missing Toolbar ribbon in New message in webmail

Aug 5, 2020
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If anyone finds they have lost the Bold Italic Underline Font toolbar when they compose a new message in webmail here is the resolution.
On the bottom Toolbar where it shows SEND and DISCARD, go to the end of that bar, and click the 3 dots. The menu item should show (part way down) 'Switch to HTML', or 'Switch to Plain Text'. If the Toolbar is missing those features, switch to HTML. This is a temporary fix for the current mail.
To change permanently, click the COG settings wheel on the upper bar of, click on View all Outlook settings'. Go to Compose and Reply in the middle menu.
In the right viewing pane, scroll down to Compose messages in xxx, where xxx is either 'Plain Text' or 'HTML'. Use the down arrow to switch to HTML and Save.
Your future New Messages should now have the full toolbar.


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