SOLVED Windows 10 Mail email file location store folder (Indexed missing) August 2020

Aug 5, 2020
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Windows 10 Mail email file location store folder SOLVED
I accidentally deleted my wifes Hotmail email account. I did it by removing it from, not realising it closed the Hotmail account completely, making it inaccessible. Microsoft would not help at all, and all the processes for recovering an account failed, even the day after deletion.
However, there was one light on the horizon. The messages were still all visible in Windows 10 Mail, even without access to the server, so I knew they must be on the computer (even as an IMAP account).
Having failed to find the store using advice from forums I decided to use my own method. The folder that was missing (and lots of people complained about it not existing), was the INDEXED folder. (You must show hidden files and folders)
It is C:\Users\{username}\Appdata\Local\Packages\Microsoftcommunicationsapps_n\LocalState\Indexed.
LocalState\Files\SO\{n}\EFMData or ATTACHMENTS or Photos

The files you are looking for are *.dat files, for your emails, which are opened in Microsoft WORD.
These are the emails. I haven't tried exporting them, but don't need to, as they are all the individual emails (numbered) just like Word Documents, not a compressed folder. The pictures and attachments are in their own separate folders, as indicated in the file location string I printed above.

I have copied all to an accessible folder and can view the individual emails as Word documents.
Hope this helps somebody.


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