SOLVED Mouse and Keyboard refused to function a few days after upgrading to Windows 10

Jan 8, 2016
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29 July 2015 I accepted the upgrade to windows 10. My O S was Windows 7 Home Basic Service Pack 1. For a few days I really enjoyed myself, after a week or two my keyboard and mouse refused to function. I approached the help desk but after three of 4 days of remote assistance I reverted back to windows 7 as my query could not be resolved bt the engineer who assisted me. What further hindered us was the difference in our time zones He being in the Philippines, me in South Africa. I decided to try and upgrade in the new year out of fear of being bugged again.
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Nov 19, 2013
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Phone and email removed to protect from webcrawlers.
Hello James and welcome to the forum.
First..... there doesn't really seem to be a question in your post. More a statement of fact as to what happened during your first experience with Upgrading to Windows 10.
I decided to try and upgrade in the new year out of fear of being bugged again.
Is it your intention to attempt another upgrade now?
IF so.... some specifics as to your system might help someone provide something in the way of a suggestion as to how you might proceed.
And actual "question" might also be beneficial

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