Keyboard and mouse not working

Feb 28, 2018
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My keyboard and mouse suddenly stopped working. When the computer first starts to boot up, everything works fine (keyboard is lit up), but once Windows starts to load they stop working. This means that I can't get into my computer because I can't even get to the password screen.

What I've tried so far:
1. Unplugging computer for 30 minutes
2. Booting computer without keyboard or mouse plugged in (they're both USBs) and then plugging them back in once opening screen loads (the time display screen)
3. Manually starting the Automatic Windows Repair by restarting the computer while it's booting up. I did this in hopes of entering safe mode, which didn't happen

I am able to enter the BIOS and the keyboard and mouse work fine there. However, I have no idea what to do once I get there, or if there's anything I can do to help my situation.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Nov 19, 2013
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I just had this happen to a computer that a friend brought over for me to work on.
During POST, I noticed that I could use the keyboard to enter the BIOS, and that the optical light on the mouse was on, but....
After Windows loaded the light on the mouse went off and the keyboard was unresponsive.
I deduced that because nothing I plugged into any USB port worked that something was going on with my USB root hubs.

Fortunately this particular computer was pre-configured to run LogMeIn at startup so I was able to remotely log in and use the remote connections devices to open device manager, I discovered all my root hubs were indicating a problem. I removed them all remotely and rebooted the computer and everything worked fine after that.

You may be able to boot from the installation media and use "Startup settings" to boot the system into safe mode, which may allow you to do something similar.
Use the repair your PC link on the second page after booting to the installation media


To get to the advanced troubleshooting options and select Startup Settings





Sep 11, 2015
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I had that problem too. Before I could reinstall Windows 10 Pro on my workstation, I had to disable all Boot from hard drive options which forced my computer to boot from the ISO burned to DVD. I tried reinstallation with a thumb drive first but that failed due to the USB problem. I still cannot view or utilize USB drives outside of Device Manager but the above post gave me another idea to try.
Mar 4, 2018
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I've experienced a very similar issue and need help.
An external USB HDD was plugged in regular USB working port. W10 froze, locked up.
No error on screen. Only option was to reboot PC.

After reboot, USB keyboard & mouse (Logitech devices) both fail to respond to start-up process. No lights on either device when the W10 lock screen is presented at start-up. Keys strokes or mouse movements are non-responsive. There is no ability to login to W10.

Furthermore, the W10 lock screen has changed to a default image. It is no longer one set in user account. (Note: only one user account on PC).

During start-up, the keyboard & mouse register as normal. The ability to access BIOS works fine with each responsive as normal.

Attempts to resolve in WinRE are unsuccessful. Standard repair option fails to fix or find anything. (note: D:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt checked). SafeMode/s are unavailable.
Only option is Command Prompt. MBR fix and BootSec fix fail to resolve.

It seems when that after BIOS and POST, then when hardware is handed off to W10, the USB devices or USB hub fails.

Tried the same resolutions using Boot WinPE. Multiple reboots have met the same results; no change.

Lastly, there is no restore point or backup available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to resolve. As at this point a re-install is not a preferred option.


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