Need Codec ???

Mar 4, 2017
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Sorry to post such a dumb question .... just looking for a simple solution.

I just got some old 8mm movies digitized ... came back as a MOV file.

My wife played them on her laptop with no problem (windows 10) ... worked great.

I tried them on my desktop (also windows 10) ... ERROR .. no codec found.

Hmmmm .... OK, so I did a search on the web .... WOW ....

Dozens of pieces of software I could install .... dozens of "packages" (OK, that scares me) .....

I do have VLAN on my computer ... the movies play but "jumpy" and they keep pausing.

I just want to get them to play on the normal windows player.

Is there some simple download I can do so that I can install the codecs I need?

Thanks ... Mike


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