Need some BitLocker Advice - have a DOA HP Notebook

May 30, 2021
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The first I ever heard about BitLocker was when I replaced the SSD in my Dell XPS 15. It was surprisingly easy to replace and get a new Windows 10 boot drive on the new SSD. I installed the old SSD in an enclosure to use as a large USB drive. I was surprised when BitLocker would not allow me access to the drive. This is not a big deal. There was nothing on that drive that I needed anyway.

My problem is that I have an HP Spectre Notebook which also has an SSD drive. The Spectre did not survive a cross country road trip. It no longer powers on. There are a lot of notes and records on the Spectre that I would like to recover. I could have the SSD removed but will this be a drive that I can no longer access due to BitLocker? If I can recover the data from the drive, I'd just as soon toss the Spectre into recycle. What are my prospects for recovering the data off that drive? Do I need to count on getting the Spectre repaired so that it can power on and boot?


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