Network not restored

Aug 8, 2015
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This happens every time there is a Windows update. When I try to access the other two computers on my network after the upgrade I get the following messages -
"driver name already in use" followed by "connection has not been restored.

The last time this happened I was advised to go to search area and type the computer name. One of the named computers is showing on my C drive as
(\\patssilverpc) (S:). When I did that in January, before I even finished typing, the red X'es were off both computers and they were accessible to me. I tried the same thing this time but nothing happened.

The other computers are both running Windows 10 and the 3 computer network was working properly up until the upgrade. How do I restore the connection so I can access all three computers.

The other computer is named (\\patsdesktop) (Q:). this is becoming very frustrating. Microsoft seems to be aware of the issue but so far I see no solution.
I appreciate any help you can give me.



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