New Login with MS username

Jun 25, 2017
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I got it upgraded from Win7/64. It had a co. account /domain and all setup with little privilege to edit/share/change rand load anything

once boot up it asks for MS logon username ; that you would assume is an extra user; added; account. But hark !! it logs in windows and my Hotmail with one password and my other profile is gone. listed in windows.old folder as that user name !

NOW I"m locked out of that account and all its files under Libraries !! What ? WHO is thinking what here ?
I can't get to my doc,s, pictures of 100 folders and how to recover and go back when I have no access and edit/share/adding privileges.
How can there be such an untested released ???? I can't add/edit change anything as locked out with some admin privileges. OMG this is terrible to create a new profile/username and lock me out of what was there !!!!!!
HELP to get back my old username

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