Disable Login Screen Username and Email?

Aug 4, 2015
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Hey guys, so i am making my first thread here on the 10 forums. My question is as stated in the title: Can i remove the Username and Email that is being shown on the Windows 10 Login screen? (And preferably the account picture to). I want only the password box to be left, and that is because of the screenshot i am going to attach. As you see, i took the head of the eagle and made it the account picture so it almost aligns perfectly, but it would be even better without the Account Picture at all. And as you see, the name and Email dont quite fit into this, so i would like to know if i can remove all 3 of them, or atleast the name and email, the picture is not that important. Screenshot from my login screen:

Ye i know, but the point of this is to troll my friends badly, because we are making jokes about the NSA and so all the time, and i actually like the logo a bit, so i thought to make a complete integration of it into my login screen. So again, if you know a way please help me out here. Thanks in advance :D


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