Only Properties Screen Opens, Irrespective Of What Folder I Click On ? Help Please.

Dec 4, 2017
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Always something new.
Sr. Citizen now, very, and to say that this is driving
me "crazy" is probably an understatement

Using W10.

For the first time ever, it seems irrespective of what Folders I click on, either on the Desktop,
or elsewhere, all that I can open up is their Properties screen.

The one that has tabs for General, Sharing, Security, Previous Version, and Customize.

And, it seems that all of these have Read Only checked.

What is happening, please ? Virus ?

How can I get back to a normal operation ?

Much thanks,
Nov 28, 2015
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Patch Tuesday was this week & sometimes MS updates cause problems.
Have you tried some simple things like:
- Restart the computer - NOT power down & restart, but just RESTART. Sometimes that flushes out bugs.
- Maybe you have a corrupted file. To check & repair, you can run the System File Checker from a command prompt: 'sfc /scannow'
More details about this tool here:

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