OS/2 Warp on Hyper-v install problem with usb keyboard

Aug 1, 2015
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I'm just giving it a try here. I'm trying to install OS/2 Warp in the win10 Hyper-v.

I did a preliminary virtual machine onto hyper-v & had done the "install" later. Now the installation disk was OK; after it finished, was prompted to insert the Disk01 & that also went OK. Then did the insert Disk01 & no response when pressing the "Return" key which meant installation stopped & cannot proceed to do the rest of the install from the .iso file.

Is the OS/2 installation looking for a ps/2 keyboard? Shouldn't as since the 1st 2 diskette .vfd images went OK....... I can try another installation download that had the disk images in the form of disk01.dsk & just rename it to disk01.vfd like I did to the disk01.img.

Would like to here if anyone did OS./2 onto hyper-v......linux install went OK, but it doesn't use install diskettes, just an .iso file.

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