PC randomly restarts at three days difference.

Jan 8, 2018
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Okay, I need some help! In April I bought this new computer wich worked perfectly until recently. It started restarting randomly with no blue screen or anything. I tried to run driver verifier and it returned some results of violations with bsod's. First it was an incompatibility with AMD usbfilter.sys and VMware.I read that online on their site so, I unistalled VMware and the problem was gone. After that driver verifier gave me bsods with tcpip.sys, aoddriver2.sys, realtek driver and atikmpag.sys. When I use the internet, especially YouTube again restarts. Highest temp is on my CPU, rarely hitting 70 degrees Celcius, my PC has a lot of fans, no overclock. I used the stock drivers on my PC, tried updated drivers, but yet no luck. In event manager I get some DCOM 1084 errors and something like I tried in safe mode to deactivate this usbfilter.sys and the bsod stopped but my keyboard and mouse were not working anymore. I will provide you with some files of diagnosis but the zip the site says it is too large 1665 KB. Please I am a student and I really need my computer to work. Thank you and sorry for my english!


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