Oct 16, 2015
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Like many other users and in other versions of Windows, I have only been able to disable pinch/zoom feature each time I log on. I have diabetic fingers and zoom can be a pest. BUT I do find it usual for some apps. So is it possible to "permanently" disable the feature yet enable it when needed - not just on every logon



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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello Vic and welcome to the forum.
If we're talking about the feature associated with a track / touch pad gestures, then typically that is associated with the device manufacturer's driver package and is usually a check box somewhere as described in this article here
And will depend on the particular device manufacturer and to some extent how current their respective driver package is and whether or not it supports Windows 10.
If we are talking about a touch screen device (tablet, AIO, 2in1, laptop with touchscreen, etc.,) then I would suspect that the feature would likewise be controllable as a function of the display adapter and or associated feature package software.
Sometimes it's helpful if you can provide specifics as to the particular computer. Someone reading your thread may have the identical device or at least something very similar and might have a suggestion that is more specific.

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