Potentially windows update caused HP Hardware diagnostics to stop running. Please see post.

May 11, 2021
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I would really like to see if somebody is familiar with troubleshooting permissions errors, registry errors and event logs. it may be more than that. I am seeing various problems occurring after updating windows, and this has happened multiple times. I prefer not to wipe windows, or do something similar to that.

I have had an update not too long ago that updated the net runtime to the latest version, and soon after that, HP Hardware diagnostics stopped running. I found in the event log, that there is an error connected to it that relates to NET Runtime. NET Runtime is necessary for certain programs to run. That by itself may be the reason why HP Diagnostics will not run in windows. I am not able to get help from HP, due to getting the system probably a little over a year ago.

all the system check, DISM commands do not find any problems, but there is what I am mentioning. I am not sure if i can provide any information besides error codes. Anyone who might be able to assist is appreciated. I just am trying to find more than reinstalling windows.
Dec 25, 2015
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download the installation tool run it then wait for options to come up
select download the iso file. Once downloaded in your pc doube click
to open the files in the iso and double click setup it wil install
Windows only
if that is what you require.Ihave done this several times so i know it works ok.
You will have your original files on the system intact.

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