Problem with viewport element of meta tag

Jan 4, 2022
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I created a small, simple Test.docx file on Google Docs from my original, large Autobiog.docx by copying the first paragraph into Notepad++ and then back into Google Docs, to remove all formatting.

I downloaded Test.docx from Google Docs as Test.html then used Notepad++ to insert the
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
after the tag for head.

I renamed the file to AutoBiog.html and ran it from my website using my Huawei P30 smart phone. Here how it appeared...

It is similar on each of my other smart devices - S4 mini, Tab E, and ZTE tablet. It seems apparent to me that this is not right. For years up until a few days ago the viewport occupied a left justified, almost-full section of the screen.

I am running Win 10, IIS 10 on my home computer. Website is

I am wondering if anyone else has come across this, and if there is an explanation and hopefully a fix.


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