Questions about Groove and OneDrive syncing

Oct 1, 2015
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Hi all,

Posting here after wading through countless support articles and online searches. I'm a little confused about Groove's ability to pull music from your personal OneDrive folder. I have a PC with a small hard drive and a 200 gig music collection stored on an external drive. I'd like to get this collection both onto OneDrive (for access from my Windows Phone or any other device) and into Groove Music. However, I'm hoping to only upload this collection to OneDrive and not sync the files locally on my internal HD, since there's no room. Can Groove in fact import any music from your OneDrive, or only your locally synced OneDrive folder? And if so, does it just grab every audio file stored in your OneDrive account indiscriminately, or can you tell it to look in only certain folders? I don't see any sort of option like that in the program - it only lets you select the folders on your PC that you'd like to sync.

I suppose the other option is to move my OneDrive folder to my external hard drive so that I have room to actually keep a local copy of all the music I want to sync. But I don't even know if that's possible. And, say I started my computer but forgot to first power up my external hard drive. Would the OneDrive app notice that the OneDrive folder was gone and immediately sprout a new one on my internal hard disk and start syncing everything over to it? Most of what I've read pertains to Windows 8.1, and I understand the mechanics of OneDrive changed radically. Also... is it possible to split OneDrive up; put the music older on an external drive but keep all the other folders (docs, pics etc.) on the internal drive?

Any clarification would be appreciated!


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