Questions About Upgrading: Win7 -> Win10

Mar 5, 2016
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I'm thinking of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but I have a few questions regarding the process and result. Essentially, my questions revolve around if I should be expecting that all my settings, applications, and documents remain identical after the upgrade process? What sort of changes other then a change in the UI and other OS related ness should I be expecting?

  1. Would I need to reinstall any of my applications? I have some older applications where I don't have the install (Adobe CS, older video games). These applications are located across different partitions (C is my main, D is for games, E is for other applications...).
  2. Do my application settings (Photoshop, games) get carried over after upgrading?
  3. What should i backup, and what will get replaced? I will be backing up My Documents, and fonts. Will my Windows 7 settings (desktop wallpaper, startup list, files in recycling bin...) get carried over to Windows 10?
  4. I currently have 30GB free on my main partition. This partition has Windows and my most used applications. Will upgrading to Windows 10 replace the files inside my Windows 7 folder? Will the Windows 7 folder automatically get deleted? Will Windows 10 create a backup copy of my Windows 7 folder so I can revert if needed? If so, will it be using the space in my main partition?
  5. What is the application compatibility for Windows 10 like? I think the oldest applications I have are from about 2008-ish. Will that be fine?


Feb 18, 2016
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icu, I upgraded my Windows 7 desktop to Windows 10 with no problems. Not only did all my aps transfer over, but some games that would only play on XP now play on 10.

I have noticed that 10 has some problems with third-party aps that 7 didn't have. I can no longer run Windows Gadgets, but my Windows 8 laptop (now upgraded to 10) runs them with no problem.

Using 7, my desktop starts up faster and is faster on the internet.

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