RAID 10 Ubuntu network connection to WIN 10?

Jun 3, 2015
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I had a difficult challenge getting WIN 7 network to recognize and connect to my RAID 10 Ubuntu storage unit. Several times the connection failed when I installed a WIN 7 update. I am a NOVICE UBUNTU user which does not help. When I upgrade and install WIN 10 I assume the network connection to the RAID 10 unit will fail and need to be manually reprogrammed??? QUESTIONS:

1. Has Microsoft WIN 10 made networking easier (and/or automated) when connecting to a "non-windows" hardware device?
2. What is the "easiest and best" way to make the RAID 10 device accessible on a Win 10 Network?
3. Does WIN 10 provide anything like "Plug and Play" access to a Ubuntu device?
4. Should I remain a WIN 7 Pro user and not attempt a WIN 10 upgrade?

I am pretty good at administering my WIN 7 network (3 wired computers, 2 wi-fi connected, and media devices (game units, etc.) but Ubuntu (Linux) isn't my strong point. I am looking for advice and recommendations before I get myself into deep water and end up drowning. Thank you!


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