Raid5 after Windows reinstallation

Jan 1, 2018
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Hi everyone and good year!

I recently had so much trouble with my computer with some windows files being corrupted and unfixable with DISM that I decided to reinstall Win10.

My current setup:
Windows, a Gigabyte Motherboard, a Samsung 850 SSD drive for windows, 3x 1tb drives in raid 5 using ntfs with _critcal_ data on it.

Prior to reinstall, I took care to change the rights on it so "everyone" has full control, thinking it would be fine to retrieve the data and nothing is locked.

The I reinstalled Win10 to realize the Raid was not mounting.
After the windows updates are finished, here what is how in Manage Storage Space :
Drives with an unrecognized configuration

"the following drives contain an unrecognized configuration and can<t be used with storage spaces. Reset the drives to make them usable. If the drives continue to be unrecognized, you might need to replace them."

AMD 2 + 1 Disk RAID5 SCSI Disk device
Attached via RAID
3.63 TB

"Error Unrecognized configuration; reset drive"

And the Reset button is greyed out.

So what can I do to 1. keep the data at all means
2. rebuild the raid.

I can even try to restore data from linux if I can get instructions, I already have a ubuntu machine accessible for my home theater if needed.

Help me start the year positively :)



Sep 22, 2014
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Firstly, a reinstall usually means a clean install which is a complete loss of all data. So you have some what of a big problem....doing a clean install and trying to save data.

For you current issue, this is exactly why I recommend having the OS on a separate drive and then using a single drive or a raid setup for all data. This way in the event of a catastrophic failure, of either drives, having the OS independent of the DATA makes fixing a drive issue a lot easier.

As for a fix....I have to let the RAID experts have a go at this for you as my RAID experience is very limited.

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