Re-install Windows Update health app/feature.

Jun 24, 2018
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I (mis) managed to uninstall subject which I believe came with Cumulative Update (CU): KB4023057; I thought I'd remove the update and get it from the MS catalogue. Info. on this update indicates it's only available from the catalogue for older versions of Win 10. My 32gb Laptop is probably exactly the sort of device that the tool/app/feature/ or whatever it's called was designed for, so I'm fearing that the next CU may not install (as occurred with the previous couple); this may happen anyway - but in the meantime is there any way of getting it back? This Website Microsoft Update Health Tools 3.1.2109.29003 - Download ( has what appears to be it but I'm wary; i.e. if it's so easy why didn't MS mention it somewhere prominent ( "Update health" doesn't even appear to exist on this or the MS community site - so that may be a partial answer).


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