Rename the "User" Directory

Nov 4, 2017
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I moved my Users folder from C:\ to D:\ via
C:\>Robocopy /xj /Mir /Move /CopyAll C:\Users D:\Users
C:\>RMdir C:\Users /s /q
and creating a Junction
C:\> MkLink /j C:\Users D:\Users

All fine and dandy until I had to reinstall windows again. I renamed D:\Users to D:\Old_Users using a command prompt so I could again use the procedure above to move my users without losing their data. Everything worked as clockwork however Windows Explorer now shows two Users directories. If I try to Rename the Users folder to Old_Users, in Explorer, windows tells me that the name already exists.

I added the ACE(SID) and changed Owner to ensure proper security settings and copied their files into their \Users folder.

So my question is: How do I make Windows Explorer display the real underlying directory name of Old_Users?


Win Explorer.JPG

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