Request : Remove time restriction on editing a reply.

Nov 20, 2013
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Apparently, after a reply has been posted and no one has quoted it , there is a time limit if one wants to edit the reply.

Can this time limit be removed so that one can do the editing when needed ?

Here is an example. I cannot edit my reply anymore although nobody has quoted my reply.


Nov 19, 2013
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It was voted for by the staff, a while ago, David, and this was the outcome. I voted for the present idea, but, now, I realise, it does handicap the poster if he/she suddenly realises that some wrong info was given.

There is a problem, if users are continually allowed to update posts,
Ian will probably post something here, whatever the decision.

Here is a classic example. I have come back with a further thought. It is easy, and probably more significant and reliable, if the poster refers to the earlier post in another, with the update - just a thought.

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